Testimonials for Indigold Energy ORMUS Gold


I feel that Indigold has opened my awareness to my inner being in such a way that it supports my focus and interest in maintaining a balanced life.  This is particularly significant for me because I had a life-changing motorcycle accident that challenged all aspects of my being: physical, emotional and spiritual.  I now feel more grounded and energized, and supported through many dark months of pain, discomfort and disability.  Indigold has helped to alleviate many symptoms of arthritis and has boosted my immune system to help me heal faster.  In addition, it gives me clarity and courage to persist in my determination to regain my former state of physical and mental functioning, which was quite high as a paramedic.  I feel so strong that I have returned to graduate studies; I am more at peace, and feel more connected to the Great Spirit than before.
   -  L. Ramdeholl, graduate student, Toronto 2006


Yes, we will (order more Indigold Energy)!At this time I don't need it, most likely in a month or more. I'WILL..In any case, I've got a story to tell you. Having 8 birds in the house - about 2 weeks ago 2 birds got suddenly sick. They were "feasting" off the planter which I gold painted- sprayed- back in the summer..I did not realize for a long time on what was happening (the birds are free to fly around) One of the birds suddenly died and the other one couldn't fly any longer..I was very upset and so was my little daughter since the bird that died was so friendly..I did not know what to do seeing another bird dying as well,,,so, I suddenly decided to put a drop of your INDIGOLD into their water fountain..it took about 4,5 days and the bird started to fly again, and now is as happy and energetic as always..this is an amazing story for your records..anyone knowing how gentle and fragile canaries are would agree, this was nothing short of a miracle for a bird to survive..Good luck in your good work, I only wish I have realized fast enough about the problem, to be able to save another bird as well, Irene

- Irene, Toronto


My name is Peter Jarvis and I am Rob's Dad and as a parent I was somewhat sceptical about his product but I certainly wished my son well in his endeavour. I have been very fortunate to be a very healthy and active person who enjoyed hiking, biking, daily trips to the gym and a happy good life. Two and a half years ago I suffered a stroke and was extremely fortunate to recover with no real residual problems. It did, however, leave me feeling anxious about a recurrence and a feeling of sadness about such a drastic change in my healthy life style. Shortly after my stroke I developed an arthritic knee which caused me some discomfort alleviated, for a time, by antiinflammatories. As time I passed I began to experience increasing discomfort and walking became an uncomfortable and disappointing experience. I continued to rely on my doctor's prescriptions purchased from a pharmacy but did not feel any real improvement. At my wife's encouragement I consented to try Rob's Indigold and I began shortly to feel more comfortable within myself and found myself feeling more positive and optimistic. My wife assured me I was certainly more cheerful and fun to be around. I began walking with pleasure again and had a much better attitude towards life in general and my health in particular. I am a candidate for a knee relpacement but I am grateful for this time of relief and comfort that I have experienced. I am proud to write this testimony for my son Rob and I have no doubts of his continuing success in marketing and selling his Indigold.

- Peter Jarvis, Shanty Bay, Ontario


I live alone with 2 dogs and 2 cats. My King Charles Spaniel, Truman, is 6 years old and has been very over-weight and slow moving since he was 2 years old. He would sleep a lot and could not get up and down the stairs of my house without much effort. I have been using Indigold Energy for a couple of years and I started givving it to my pets. The improvement in Truman is incredible. He has lost most of his excess weight and is frisky and happy. When someone comes to the door he jumps up wagging his tail and runs down the stairs to greet my visitors. I definitely recommend this product to anyone and their pets.

- M.K., Business owner, Toronto