Indigold Energy ORMUS Gold


Indigold Energy ORMUS Gold is a new and unique product manufactured in Canada.  ORMUS gold is a recently rediscovered non-metallic form of elemental gold.  Its physical, medicinal and spiritual attributes have led researchers to believe it to be the Philosopher’s Stone.  There are several names for this material and can be used interchangeably, including monatomic, ORMUS, ormes and M-State. In the maturing science of mind/body medicine, there is an intimate connection between physical, emotional and spiritual health and this holistic approach can be more effective in dealing with certain disease states than the reductive approach used in the Western model of medicine.  ORMUS gold works on our body’s subtle energy system to bring the user into balance.  This enhancement quickly works its way into our emotional and physical body with highly effective healing action.


  1. Increased clarity of thought
  2. Mood enhancement – happier, calmer, more centred and grounded
  3. Increased energy awareness – chakra opening
  4. Relief from anxiety
  5. Mystical experiences
    1. Meaningful synchronicities
    2. Enhanced dream activity – more vivid, logical, lucid
    3. Psychic, clairvoyant and healing experiences
  6. Physical healing – hair re-growth, arthritis pain relief,
  7. Emotional growth and healing
  8. Spiritual transformation


Indigold Energy has the ability to positively affect the health of plants, animals and human beings in a wide variety of ways.  It has these effects where the user is most in need of healing.  Monatomic gold has been seen to be effective in a wide range of chronic conditions including arthritis, skin conditions, baldness and many others.  ORMUS gold is synergistic with other healing modalities, enhancing the effectiveness of homeopathic and herbal remedies as well as body-work such as acupuncture, chiropractic and Reiki. Individuals with a meditation practice such as Vipassana, yoga or prayer will find the consumption of monatomic gold deepens these experiences dramatically.

American researcher, David R. Hudson, re-discovered monatomic elements in the early eighties and has this to say about them.

“…now the description says it is the container of the essence of life; it flows the light of life.  …  It's a superconductor. …This is pro-life.  It literally is the spirit.  …  The material is here to perfect our bodies.  It makes our bodies be in the state they are supposed to be in.  It is our own immune system that fights and cures the disease.  If you can correct your DNA at every cell in your body, if you can correct the damage that's been done that brought about the cancer, if you can correct the damage that has been brought about by viruses, you literally will become a perfected being.  You will return back to the original healthy state you were meant to be in. This is not a medicine.  This material is, in fact, a philosophical material. It is here to enlighten and to raise the consciousness of mankind.  If in doing that it happens to cure diseases, so be it.”
      David R. Hudson, Lecture transcript – Portland Oregon, 1990 (summarized)

Indigold Energy ORMUS Gold is extracted from raw Dead Sea salt imported from Israel.  The curative properties of the Dead Sea waters have been known for millennia we at Indigold Energy believe that it is due to the relatively high concentration of monatomic gold in this sacred sea.  Indigold Energy does not have any negative side-effects and may be taken in conjunction with other remedies or drugs. 


What is ORMUS Gold?

Monatomic or ORMUS gold is a newly recognized form of the element gold.  This form of gold is as different from metallic gold as ice is to water.  A particular configuration of the valence electrons renders the gold chemically inert and electromagnetically neutral.  When these two influences are removed the atom's subtle nature is exposed.  The result is a room temperature material that is superconducting.  This exotic physical property makes the material a “macroscopic quantum phenomenon” and is a direct bridge to the zero-point field.

How does it work in the human body?

The Biochemistry Laboratory at the N.S. Naval Air Development Facility found that each of the body’s 70 trillion cells communicate with each other via a electromagnetic ‘superconductor’ field. They identified a unique substance that appeared to be the basis of this cellular communication. In healthy, happy individuals, this element was readily apparent, but in sick, diseased, or highly stressed individuals, the element was scarce or nonexistent. The element was isolated, concentrated, and analyzed and eventually found to be a white, powdery element with a ‘transition’ molecular chemistry very similar to iridium and rhodium.

In the recent popular science book phenomenon “The Field” the author, Lynne McTaggart, reports on the research of several scientists engaged in modeling man’s interdependent existence in the Zero Point Field.  Early in the century, quantum physicists recognized the existence of a vast field of energy that existed even at the point of zero thermal activity, absolute zero or –273 C.  Much of the subsequent theoretical physics concerned itself with events that occur at or above this temperature and only recently have physicists, biologists and chemists turned their attention to this previously unexamined realm.  The ZPF always exists at every temperature it is merely defined by what is left when you remove everything else.  In this sense we can consider the ZPF as synonymous with a great ground state pointed to by mystic revelation and many traditional world cosmologies.  Further, the quantum physics concepts of entanglement and non-locality confirm man’s essential unity with all things and supported and mediated by an infinite field of benign and intelligent power. 

These scientists have shown through their work that:


Human beings are designed to interact consciously with this vast conscious field.  Science in the new millennia will be about the interaction between man, his consciousness and the world around him.  At the forefront of this revolution is the field of energy medicine.  Many pioneers of effective and safe health paradigms have been informed by revelation and guided by spirit.  We already recognize and accept many healing modalities, not on the basis of theoretical models, but on long-term empirical evidence.  Many of these modalities now have support from modern science. 

Energy medicine, by any definition, takes the holistic view that human energy structures exist and are correlated with the physical body.  In Western energy medicine we typically use a sophisticated map of this energy system based on a combination of Chinese/Japanese/Indian energy theories.

Korean medical researchers have identified fine ducts, paralleling the nadi system within the human body.  Fluid extracted from these tubules revealed high concentrations of DNA, RNA, amino acids, free nucleotides, adrenalin, corticosteroids, estrogen and other hormonal substances.  Surgical blockage of tubules in live animals resulted in organ tissue degeneration.  Other studies confirm the Classical Chinese acupuncture theory that the meridians provide a specialized nutritive flow to the organs of the body.  The meridian system interconnects with the nuclei of every cell in the body.  The meridian ducts begin to form within 24 hours of conception of a human embryo and guides all subsequent somatic development including cell differentiation.

The meridian system is felt to form an interface between the etheric and the physical body.  The organized energetic structure of the etheric body precedes and guides the development of the physical body.